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Wellness in the Workplace

Balance and Resilience for Individuals and Teams

The AUM Center

Wellness Through the Transformative Power of Healing, Expressive, and Performing Arts

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Breaking New Ground

Competing Demands

and daily stressors are a natural part of our everyday lives

Morale and Health

are negatively affected when body, mind, heart, and soul are not dynamically aligned.

AUM Foundation

provides powerful techniques to help individuals find whole new sources of creativity, balance, and self-confidence at work and in their personal lives.


AUM’s unique and powerful signature programs in Dynamic Alignment™ promote creativity, ingenuity, and ease in productivity. Focusing on the latest findings in wellness, neurophysiology, and mindfulness, AUM has devised specific approaches that activate optimum performance and highest potential living.


A highly effective training program established by the Institute of HeartMath for personal and professional effectiveness.

Resilience Advantage workshops can be offered independently or in conjunction with other AUM practices.

Resilience Advantage

AUM is Founded on 3 Principles



Self-awareness is key to finding inner balance and resilience in the face of stress.



Creativity fosters a culture of understanding and connection with others; expanding  empathy, compassion,
cooperation, innovation, and ingenuity.


Mindful Practice.

Mindfulness provides a foundation for inner calm and clarity that leads to greater ease in productivity.


We are a team of professional Board Certified Expressive Arts Therapists, Mindfulness Experts, Movement Specialists, Resilience Advantage Trainers, and Reiki Masters dedicated to wellness for individuals and groups in the workplace.


AUM’s Dynamic Alignment™ and Resilience Advantage™ Training Packages are offered to small companies and large corporations to provide Stress Reduction, and Build Resilience, Creativity, Innovation, Communication, Cooperation, and Mental and Emotional Clarity.


Boost immune system response
Release physical, mental, and emotional tension
Discover ease in communication and connection with others

Spark creativity and new channels of innovating thinking
Ignite brain hemispheric balancing for creative problem solving
Improve brain wave activity, producing a state of “alert calm”


Meditation is the practice of physical, mental, and emotional stillness aimed at calming, clearing, and observing the mind in order to reduce anxiety and discover inner peace. Meditation is now widely used in the West for a number of proven benefits. AUM offers practices for both the beginner and those experienced in meditation. Benefits:

  • Reduces stress on physical, mental, and emotional levels
  • Produces mental calm and clarity
  • Promotes self-awareness, resilience, and ease
  • Enhances creativity


Reiki is an energy-based healing approach that reduces stress and promotes well-being. Reiki is used for restoring and harmonizing the physical, mental, emotional, and energy systems of a person. It is a non-invasive, holistic approach that can be used as a stand-alone   treatment or in conjunction with traditional medical care. During the session individuals remain fully clothed while relaxing comfortably sitting in a chair or on a massage table. Benefits:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Calms and clears the mind
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Decreases pain and accelerates healing

Core Motion

Core Motion is a gentle movement approach that guides the client through simple movement patterns that stretch and strengthen core muscles in the body. This approach directly relieves muscular tension, stress, and helps return the body to its natural alignment. Benefits:

  • Locates and changes habitual stress patterns in the body
  • Increases vital energy throughout the body
  • Develops core strength and alignment for better health
  • Reduces tension creating headaches, fatigue, & mental confusion

I-Ching Drumming

I-Ching drumming combines the ancient wisdom of the I Ching with the benefits of drumming, to create a modern kinesthetic mindfulness practice. This unique approach joins the eight elements found in nature with a rhythmic structure that accesses the right and left hemispheres of the brain simultaneously.  The app, Be Tao Now – I Ching Drumming for Triumphant Living! is recommended to expand the overall experience.

  • Generates brain hemispheric balancing
  • Releases mental/emotional tension
  • Induces a state of alert calm in only 10 minutes
  • Creates a new language that strengthens and unifies the workplace

Innovation Art

Innovation Art employs the skills and tools used in Art Therapy (a professional approach that integrates art and psychology). Innovation Art is a unique approach that directly accesses one’s creativity and the healing qualities inherent in the creative process. This occurs through an exposure to different art mediums that generate self-expression, active exploration, contemplation, and ingenuity. No art experience is necessary. Benefits:

  • Reduces stress and frees the mind
  • Expands awareness and innovative thinking
  • Promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being
  • Boosts creative energy, motivation, and authentic self-expression

Individual and Group Sessions

30 minute – 45 minute – 60 minute – 90 minute sessions available

Half-day and full-day trainings, workshops, and retreats available

All supplies are provided by AUML

  • Yoga Mats,
  • Art Materials
  • Drums
  • Reiki Tables

Human Optimization

is greater than the sum of its parts





Health is a Dynamic Process


AUM offers unique approaches (in the Healing Arts, Mindful Practices and Expressive Art Therapies that access the “whole person” simultaneously


Our sessions, workshops and activities are engaging, relaxing, creative, fun, empowering and affirming for the individual


All of AUMʼs classes, workshops, individual sessions, and team-building/leadership programs are designed to awaken and transform lives through the “Dynamic Alignment Experience”

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